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Stay up to date with gun legislation being considered in the Florida Legislature, posted below and updated throughout the legislative session.

Click highlighted bill numbers for a detailed analysis of what each will do to your Second Amendment rights in Florida.

87th Legislative Session (2021) – Last update: 4/20/21

FLGR Position

Bill Number





Constitutional Carry for law-abiding adults at least 21 years of age. This bill, however, does not include Constitutional Carry on lands managed by the LCRA (Lower Colorado River Authority) or college campuses.

Click HERE to tell Dan Patrick and your State Senator to support it.

Passed the House/ awaiting action by LT. Gov Dan Patrick


Allowing school marshalls to carry a concealed handgun.

Referred to Homeland Security Committee


Universal Gun Registration.

Left pending in Homeland Security Committee


Bans open carry of long guns.

Left pending in Homeland Security Committee

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