Rep. Micah Caskey’s Abysmal Record

Since 2017, your Representative Micah Caskey voted to KILL Constitutional Carry FOUR TIMES, openly maligned pro-gun Representatives that tried to move the ball forward for this pro-gun legislation, and made a motion to successfully kill a “2A Sanctuary State” amendment just last year[1].

When Rep. Caskey did vote for Constitutional Carry it was due to extreme pressure from angry gun owners in his district.

As you know, Constitutional Carry is the common sense idea that says if you can legally possess a firearm, you can legally carry that firearm without seeking government permission or paying expensive fees.

Twenty-five other states already have Constitutional Carry, with NINE of those states passing it since South Carolina went into session just last year! 

Not only that, but Rep. Micah Caskey also successfully passed “Caskey’s Compromise”; a dangerous gun control scheme that violates our state’s preemption laws and allows municipalities to enact their own local level gun control and arrest otherwise law-abiding gun owners[2].

If only, Rep. Micah Caskey fought as hard for your gun rights as he does to compromise with Democrats, Constitutional Carry might be the law of the land by now.

Call Rep. Caskey at (803) 212-6959, tell him to stop compromising with anti-gun Democrats in Columbia, and start standing for gun owners in his district.

[1] HB 3700 (2017). Amendment No. 4A to S. 785 (2019), Motion to table Amendment No. 4 HB 3094 (March, 2021), Motion to table Amendment 4 HB 3094, (May, 2021). Point of Order Amendment 32 to HB 3094 (March, 2021).

[2]Amendment 35 to HB 3094 (March, 2021).

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