Did Republicans Just KILL Constitutional Carry Again?!

Yesterday I drove down to the Capitol once again to press legislators to join the 27 other states who have passed Constitutional Carry. 

After more than 2 weeks, Constitutional Carry, S. 109, was finally scheduled for a full committee hearing, on the same day Nebraska signed their bill into law. 

While the vote would be close, the chances of passage had never been better.

And that’s why Chairman Luke Rankin stepped in, attempting to KILL Constitutional Carry for the year by making a motion to “hold over” S. 109 until another Judiciary Committee meeting.

This avoids a vote until anti-gun Senator Rankin decides he wants to bring it up again…

…something that will never happen.

However, former Democrat Luke Rankin would not have been successful had SIX turncoat Republicans not capitulated to his delay tactics.

The Republicans who voted to delay and possibly KILL Constitutional Carry for 2023 are listed as follows:

SD 33 Luke Rankin – 803-212-6610

SD 6 Dwight Loftis – 803-212-6100

SD 25 Shane Massey – 803-212-6330

SD 41 Sandy Senn – 803-212-6116

SD 12 Scott Talley – 803-212-6048

SD 2 Rex Rice – 803-212-6116

SD 43 Chip Campsen – 803-212-6340

Call them and demand they stop capitulating to anti-gun Chairman Rankin, reverse course and PASS Constitutional Carry THIS YEAR.

With Republican majorities far outweighing many of the 27 states that have passed Constitutional Carry, it’s shameful that any Republicans would go along with such a blatant delay tactic from former Democrat Luke Rankin.

I must let you know that we are not out of this fight.

With less than 3 weeks left in the session, our time is quickly dwindling.

But PGR staffers are leaving no stone unturned to get this bill to the Senate floor before it’s too late.

I want to thank you for every phone call, email, petition signing, or donation.

I’ve seen firsthand that your activism has dealt some serious blows to weak-kneed Republicans in Columbia.

Gun owners have turned up the heat to a broil in South Carolina and we must strike while the iron is hot.

So, help us keep that flame alive by chipping in $15 or $30.

We will keep you updated as more news develops.

Tire not in good works for in due time you shall reap the harvest if you faint not.

I am staying in this fight, and I need you with me.

The Republicans that held the line for gun owners and refused to delay Constitutional Carry are listed below.

Special thanks to:

Wes Climer

Penry Gustafson

Michael Johnson

Josh Kimbrell

Brian Adams

Richard Cash

Mike Reichenbach

Billy Garrett

If they are your Senator please call them and thank them for standing strong in the face of adversity and fighting for your Second Amendment rights.

For Freedom,


Tommy Dimsdale

Palmetto Gun Rights

Executive Director


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