Thank you Rep. Thomas Beach and House Freedom Caucus!

Dear fellow patriot,

There’s a ton of misinformation being spread around by certain House GOP Caucus members.

After gun owners unleashed a tidal wave of grassroots pressure, the House finally responded by removing all anti-gun amendments from the Constitutional Carry bill and sending it back to the Senate.

Now, after initially planning to support the gun control in the bill, many RINOs in the House are somehow trying to say it was their idea to remove it from the start.

But PGR was on the ground and knows what truly happened.

The long and short of it is that that win would not have happened without the Freedom Caucus and namely, your Rep. Thomas Beach.

Rep. Thomas Beach was the original author of the amendment to strip the anti-gun amendments from H. 3594.

For almost 2 weeks Beach was subjected to bullying from fellow House Republicans for his pro-gun stand.

Even the NRA threatened Rep. Beach with disparaging ads should he remain resolute in his decision to fight gun control.

(The NRA wanted a quick and easy win, regardless of how much gun control was in the bill.)

Texts and ads were sent to Thomas Beach’s district demanding he stand down and allow this gun control riddled Compromised Carry bill to pass as-is.

Yet, thanks to his efforts along with backing from the SC Freedom Caucus, Thomas Beach rightfully did not budge.

Even after taking many arrows for his stance, Beach was resolute to defend the Second Amendment.

But what happened next is a perfect example of the petty shenanigans that routinely get pulled by House leadership.

Once gun owners had leadership on the ropes, they had the nerve to try to take credit for Beach’s stand.

They tried to get Rep. Beach to pull his amendment and insert an identical one from Rep. Bobby Cox so Cox could take credit for something that he was being forced to do anyways.

And when that didn’t work, leadership noticed that an amendment from a Democrat had made it to the desk first.

After some wheeling and dealing with House Democrats, Rep. Ott(D) allowed his amendment to be substituted for Bobby Cox’s amendment.

Thereby allowing Cox to get to his amendment first and take credit for the whole thing.

We were on the ground. We know the truth behind this story.

So, after Rep. Cox and House leadership were drug kicking and screaming to fix the bill, they immediately paraded themselves around in front of TV cameras for their “valiant efforts”…

…Fully aware that it was Beach that led this charge.

Let me be clear, that battle was won because of the inside plays of Rep. Thomas Beach and the SC Freedom Caucus.

And that’s why we’re writing to you now; to set the record straight and send an enormous THANK YOU to Rep. Thomas Beach for his tireless efforts to protect the Second Amendment in South Carolina.

Call Rep. Thomas Beach at (803) 212-6931 and thank him for his unwavering support of our gun rights.

You can also leave a comment on his Facebook page!

Stay tuned for future developments on the fight for Constitutional Carry in South Carolina!



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